Vinyasa Flow All Level

Vinyasa means ‘put it in a special way’ or ‘step by step’. Vinyasa flow link breath with movement. In Vinyasa All Level class, it’s designed for everybody; experiences yogis and included the beginners. Modifications of the postures are offered. However expereienced yogis could step further in the asanas during the process. The participants are encouraged to work with their own pace and connect with the breath more. This practice develops strength, flexibilty, stamina and balance in body. Depends on the duration of the class, 1.5 hours class offer Pranayama and Meditaiton as part of the practice.

Dynamic /Power Vinyasa

This class is not for total beginner. If you are a beginner, just make sure you know what to expect from this dynamic class. The fast pace of this practice to detoxify, build strength, build confidence and focus. It’s a sweaty practice and stamina challenging.

Power Vinyasa is a practice with Ashtanga style inspired, with so much diversity in the postures. This class will clear your mind, build the strength, mobility, boost confidence and increase mind focus. This class is all level.

Intermediate Vinyasa

This is not a beginner class. The class runs 1.5 hours. This class designed for those who want to go deeper in the physicality of Yoga’s asana. Fast pace, challenging both mental and physical. The class filled with some advanced asanas like inversions, deep backbends and or arms balancing. However the work with the breath is encouraged. Pranayama and Meditation are offered.

Restorative Yoga.jpg

Restorative Yoga

“Stillness Speaks…”. From the world full of noise, movement and action, Restorative Yoga offers to go within despites of those dynamism of physical activity and the world’s chatter. We often forget to relax. Restorative Yoga founded by Judith Lasater, a devoted Iyengar Yoga student that sees yoga in more therapeutical sense. This practice brings relaxation and balance to body and mind. Bolsters, blankets, belts and blocks are used to support the body, bringing gentle release, loosen up the tension, connection to the breath and calming the mind. It’s a static practice, it’s mental challenging, the teacher would only guide you at the beginning to set up the postures with the yoga props, help you to be comfortable in the setting and the rest is silence. You are dealing with your self in stillness, and stillness would speak….

Yin/Yang Urban Flow

The class opens for all level, included total beginner. It’s a perfect blend of movement and stillness. The Yin and Yang will compose half-half in one hour practice. The Yang practice consist of classical Hatha class or blend with vinyasa style; the Yin practice consist of classic Yin postures or and Restorative.