It all started when…

Moving in Paris in 2015, I had no job and practicing Yoga in the studio was out of my budget. Luckily I met two women that helped me a lot to keep my practice going and a job offer too! I thank to Anna Martin as founder of Affordable Yoga Paris, that allow me to grow in teaching and Linda Munro founder of Ashtanga Yoga Paris, for give me her guidance, her trust to work in her studio and be part of the cool team of Ashtanga Yoga Paris. As my gratitude to this blessing, I need to return this kindness to the society.

We live in a society that nowdays little by little we are far away from each other, we’re losing this personal touch to one another, all about money, materialistic world. We pay for almost everything in our life. When I lived in Indonesia, our family live close by to one another. We have this ‘gotong royong’ tradition. Gotong means Carry; and Royong is Together. So Gotong Royong literally means Carry it Together. So whenever there are big events in our family (like wedding, funeral, religion big days, birth, etc) each people participate, give what they have for the ceremony happened. It’s not only cost saving but also make the society stick together, help to one another, living a life in a less materialistic way, it’s more human connection. So this is another inspiration of the spirit of Pay As You Wish Yoga.

We all live with kindness from other people; starts from our inner circle of family, our friends, our neighbours and in the big picture is the kindness of this universe. The generousity of people and this universe inspire me a lot to do the same. So this is how Pay As You Wish Yoga works. Yoga supposely reachable to everyone, not only physically but financially. Also nowdays business of Yoga has so much attention, I want be back in essence of yoga; that yoga is for everyone, literally for everyone; no boundaries. Yoga belongs to society, it needs to be enjoyed for everyone in every social level.

With my skill in teaching that I studied from all over the place in the world ; New York, Paris, Tokyo, Bali and Jakarta, I make my knowledge shareable and available for everyone. I myself, have been practicing yoga for 12 years, and still practicing since the benefits of Yoga serves me well. The practice that I offer in my classes covering both challenging and accesible for everyone. Check classes here, find out what class is suitable for you. Check my profile here!

Where is PAY AS YOU WISH YOGA? The classes take a place at Espace Sayya. A new, postive vibrant place in Paris that offers a tranquility and reconnect to disconnect feeling from the hustle bustle of Paris. Take a look the beauty of this place below.

In this world that everything comes with price, no exception to rent space in Paris. Paris is not cheap. However we can do it by Gotong Royong, Carry it Together. I’m happy to share what I’ve learnt and make your practice happened and continuing. As participant, your participation helps me to pay the rent for our practice space and my time sharing this beautiful practice in your life.

Come and participate, pay whatever you think that your heart happy to give and offer your kindness for this community. I understand that some of you might feel reluctant, don’t know how much to give, here the advice I save you from shyness; I’d say 10€ means a lot for this community. If not, just whatever you feel comfortable, there is no room of judgement here.

This is all the voice of my heart, full of honesty and integrity.

Et voila, hope to see you soon!